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Ready to fill your vacancies? Start here!

Ready to fill your vacancies? Start here!

Do I get to approve maintenance and repairs?

Yes, to a degree- but that degree is determined by you, the property owner.

  • We typically establish a “maintenance reserve” (a.k.a. spending limit) with you when we sign the contract.  A typical reserve amount ranges from $200-500, but in the end it’s whatever number that works best for you and fosters a good working relationship with us.
  • Any expenditures below that limit are taken care of by us without prior notification (usually small jobs, e.g. service calls, unclogging plumbing, etc.) and will be paid out of incoming rents.
  • Expenditures that exceed the limit are discussed with you prior to taking any action.
    • Excludes emergency situations or repairs which may place the tenant’s health or safety at risk or cause excessive damage to the property- such occurrences must be addressed swiftly to protect you, the tenant, the property, and ourselves.
  • ALL expenditures will be recorded on your monthly statement, without exception.

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